AFIA Shares what its members have learned from CGMP Inspections…

American Feed Industry Association (AFIA)  is very active in FSMA education and outreach. They continually survey members to learn more about ongoing FSMA inspections. CFD’s membership in AFIA affords us the opportunity to share their findings. The following are excerpts of information they recently shared. I hope you find it helpful as you prepare for your facility inspection.

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Small Business FSMA Compliance date has arrived

Today is the day we have all been working towards.

  • If you are a CFD member who has participated in the CFD FSMA Program you are well on your way towards this compliance (assuming you are working on implementing the program we developed).
  • If you have taken the FSPCA Preventive Controls for Animal Food Course (taught by CFD or others) you learned that today is the day you are required to be in compliance with training (Sub-Part A) and cGMP’s (Sub-Part B). The  course explained many of the things you need to do.
  • BUT IF

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