All Animal Food Facilities must complete Registration between 10/1 – 12/31/18

All Food Facilities (including animal food) must register as such with the FDA in even years between October 1 and December 31. The FDA has published a small entity compliance guide to assist in this registration process. It is CFD’s opinion that all CFD customers of pet, animal or human food products we sell are required to register.  

I have highlighted important sections in the small entity Compliance Guide to assist you in this process. 2018 Highlighted FDA Registration Small Enitity Compliance Guide

  • Page 4 – 5: About registration and how effects your business
  • Page 6 – Food included
  • Page 7 – 8 – Exemptions – seek counsel if you think you are exempt!
  • Page 9 – When, how and who
  • Page 12 – Details!
  • Page 14 – information you will need to renew.


  • Page 20 – 21 – If you have NEVER registered you must do so now. Refer to this section. Failure to register is a prohibited act.

Changes to registration:

The registration process will ask for a Unique Facility Identifier (UFI). This will be required by the 2020 registration process. It is recommended this year. The UFI recognized by the FDA is currently a DUNS number. This number can be obtained for free (see the link below). You may already have one. This is the same number used to import feed under the FSVP (Foreign Supplier Verification) Rule.

Beginning in 2020 you MUST renew electronically (unless you apply for a waiver). If you have filed on paper in the past, I strongly suggest you file electronically in 2018.

Links to FDA sites:

 Guidance for facility registration

UFI – Unique Facility Identifier 

To get a DUNS