FSMA Compliance is NOW!

It is hard to believe that 3 years has past since the rules for FSMA were finalized. But today is Monday, September 17, 2018 and this date is significant!

  • All food facilities must be in compliance with CGMP’s. If you or someone you know is planning on filing for an exemption based on the size of the facility it is important to understand that there is no exemption from CGMP’s.
  • Small business must have or be actively engaged in performing a Hazard Analysis to identify Known and Reasonably Foreseeable Hazards. They than must make a determination if they require a preventive control to mitigate those hazards to an acceptable hazard.

Inspections are coming so be prepared…

Hazard Analysis help!

If you are a livestock feed mill struggling with the Hazard Analysis CFD can help. Visit https://cfdhat.cfd.coop/ to learb more.


If you are struggling or have have not even started the compliance process there is training being offered at Cornell University on December 11 and 12. This class is the FSPCA Preventive Controls for Animal Food and is recognized by the FDA!  Register here!

If you have taken this training before and found it overwhelming, take it again at a reduced rate.