Free Sanitary Transportation of Animal Food Training

More free videos for training on the Sanitary Transportation of Animal Feed have been posted to the Free Training Video page.

#4 – Sanitary Transportation of Animal Feed – Target Audience is Transportation Companies hauling grains and animal food.  

If your third party carriers are reluctant to haul grains and feed due to the regulation that went into effect in April this 9 minute video will tell them what they need to know. Please feel free to send them to this site for this important training.

#5 – A video on who to use the International Database for Transport for Feed. This is a short introduction to the public website for this extremely useful tool. This tool can be used by all transporters of animal feed and ingredients.

 #6 – Introduction to FDA Training for Carriers – This video explains how to access and use the free FDA Training for Carriers.  All Truck Drivers transporting animal feed and ingredients should take this training.