1 – Inspection Update 2 – CFD HAT 3 – PCQI Training

1 – Inspections

This week AFIA posted the following update on inspections:

“The Food and Drug Administration continues its inspections for the Food Safety Modernization Act Current Good Manufacturing Practices in 21 CFR part 507. To better inform members of how these inspections have been going, AFIA has been collecting information from members who have already had their inspections and from Freedom of Information Act responses received from the FDA. Last week, Richard Sellers, AFIA’s senior vice president of public policy and education, participated in a panel discussion at the Food and Drug Law Institute, where he learned more about these inspections.

Through April 3, FDA and state inspectors have conducted 278 inspections at animal food facilities in 39 states. The FDA seems to be adhering to their mantra of “educating before regulating.” Only 5 percent (14 out of 278) of these inspections have resulted in a Form 483 notice of inspection findings. The majority of inspections, 41 percent (117), have occurred at commercial feed mills, balanced out by integrator feed mills at 17 percent (49), ingredient suppliers at 12 percent (34), pet food manufacturers at 11 percent (31), renderers at 9 percent (26), distributors at 6 percent (19) and retail at 1.4 percent (4).”

Reprinted with permission from AFIA.

Key Points:

  • The most frequent concern sited continues to be pest control.
  • Expect combined inspections for PCAF CGMPs/PC, Medicated Feeds, VFD, BSE and Sanitary Transportation.


Dates and times for presentations on the purpose and scope of the CFD HAT (Hazard Analysis Tool)  are posted at https://cfdhat.cfd.coop/ . If you would like information on this tool or others in your company have questions,  please sign up for this free webinar. Next one is May 16th at 7:30 am.

3 – PCQI Training

The next scheduled training class in the northeast for FSPCA Preventive Controls for Animal Food is in December – two months after the compliance date. I have started a waiting list to offer a class sooner at CFD in Conklin NY. If you are interested or know other who are, add your name to the list at  https://fsma.cfd.coop/training/