VFD Update and Inspections

It has been 15 months since the  changes in VFD drugs has taken effect. Inspections are happening. Are you a VFD Manufacturer or a VFD Distributor who has yet to receive or process a VFD? Are you thinking it is not something you will ever need to do? Are you wondering how to get off the list?  This is how you can do that…

“To be removed from the VFD Distributor Notification List, a distributor would simply need to send a letter (via mail or fax) to the FDA stating that they are no longer a VFD distributor. This notification can be mailed to: 

Food and Drug Administration
Center for Veterinary Medicine
Division of Animal Feeds (HFV–220)
7519 Standish Pl.
Rockville, MD 20855

Or sent by FAX to: 240–453–6882.

As a reminder, all distributors of VFD feed must notify FDA before they distribute for the first time, additionally a distributor must also notify FDA within 30 days of a change in ownership, business name, or business address.​”

You were also required to provide acknowledgements of your registration and intent to distribute to the company you purchase VFD drugs from. You should notify them that you will no longer distribute or manufacture VFD Drugs as well.