Opportunity to participate in industry research

CFD is a member of The American Feed Industry Association (AFIA). AFIA has recently requested members to participate in important industry research on Salmonella in Animal Feed. They are looking for 250 feed mills to participate. If you are not a member of any of these sponsoring organizations but would like to participate, complete this form:

AFIA Salmonella in Animal Feed Study Participant Request Form

*** Update: If you could not access this form previously it is fixed now. Refresh the page and try again.  Email [email protected] if you are still having a problem. 

and I will pass your information to AFIA. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 607-352-1340, 607-759-4175 or at [email protected]

The following information was provided by AFIA regarding the study: 

AFIA is seeking participation to complete a research survey of the feed industry. The Institute for Feed Education & Research (IFEEDER), along with several partners–including AFIA, National Pork Board, National Renderers Association, Poultry Protein and Fat Council/U.S. Poultry and Egg Association, and U.S. Soybean Board–has launched a new research project with the University of Arkansas to analyze whether animal feed contains any of the serotypes from the bacteria Salmonella that could pose a health threat to livestock. The Food and Drug Administration has issued Compliance Policy Guide Sec. 690.800 Salmonella in Food for Animals, which states:

“FDA considers an animal feed to be adulterated under section 402(a)(1) of the FD&C Act when it is contaminated with a Salmonella serotype that is considered pathogenic to the animal intended to consume the animal feed and the animal feed will not subsequently undergo a commercial heat step or other commercial process that will kill the Salmonella.”

AFIA is conducting this study to assess the current status of Salmonella in finished feed in the United States. Given the current data available, it is highly unlikely that a pathogenic strain will be found in feed. The samples that AFIA is seeking are of finished feed sampled from bulk trucks of feed intended for beef, poultry, dairy and swine. Samples will be collected by feed mill staff and shipped to the University of Arkansas for analysis. This is a blinded study, where the researcher will not know where the sample came from, and the feed mills will not receive any results of the analysis. AFIA has worked with its legal counsel to ensure there is no regulatory liability for the participants of this study. Participants will not receive the results from their sample, and the only data which may be shared are the composite results of the study.

AFIA is requesting your help to participate in the study. Once you have signed up, you will receive a sampling kit with instructions and a link to a video tutorial on the sampling technique. You will be asked to collect samples during two different seasons to account for seasonal variation.

This is an important study in the context of the Food Safety Modernization Act animal food rule, which requires that each feed mill address its hazards. We feel confident our results will support the conclusion that there are not any known or reasonably foreseeable salmonellae hazards.