Small Business FSMA Compliance date has arrived

Today is the day we have all been working towards.

  • If you are a CFD member who has participated in the CFD FSMA Program you are well on your way towards this compliance (assuming you are working on implementing the program we developed).
  • If you have taken the FSPCA Preventive Controls for Animal Food Course (taught by CFD or others) you learned that today is the day you are required to be in compliance with training (Sub-Part A) and cGMP’s (Sub-Part B). The  course explained many of the things you need to do.
  • BUT IF

you have done nothing during the past 2 years to understand the requirements of FSMA and gain compliance, today is the day you MUST start.

I am confident many of my readers fall into the first two groups. If you are in the third group or have business partners in the this group, forward a link to this website to them.  This is a public tool to help you understand FSMA requirements.

What’s next – By this date next year you  must perform a Hazard Analysis and write your facilities Feed Safety Plan (FSP). This is THE most important document and is REQUIRED by FSMA!.  CFD is developing a tool to help jump start the Hazard Analysis process. We are confident that most members and companies we have worked with will be able to write a FSP that does not require Preventive Controls… IF the company is in compliance with cGMP’s and understands the process to write a FSP.  This process is the main focus of the FSPCA Preventive Controls for Animal Food Course.   The next class offered in NY is at Cornell University in November and you can register at the training link above.

Last but not least – If the FDA visits your facility in the coming year, I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss the inspection process. These inspections are already happening… act now!