Inspections expected to begin next month for small businesses

It has been my opinion that inspections of small businesses (less than 500 employees) would not be likely in the near term. After all FDA has their hands full with large businesses and state cooperative agreements are not yet in place. Today, AFIA sent an update and they said…

“Small businesses must be in compliance with the CGMP requirements on Monday, Sept. 18, and we anticipate that inspections at these facilities will likely start in October when the new fiscal year begins. FDA has a goal of conducting 500 inspections in the fiscal year for large- and small-sized animal food firms.”

Last month I wrote about a “small firm” that the FDA visited. I would expect any small business may indeed be visited in the coming year. Remember, they will not ask to see your Feed Safety Plan at this point but they will be looking at your training program and cGMP compliance.